Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three things about: Nada Hamzeh

I’d like to welcome all the team coming to Lebanon for the e-mediat training Who will be seeing the beautiful side of Lebanon & meeting  friendly people  .I’m looking forward to to see my colleagues & meet  new people & learn from their experiences.
Here are 3 things about me:

-I have a strong passion for my work & hate to link work with the number of hours. I have a passion to help & support people to improve.
-I came to the technology field by coincidence & it was one of my best choices in Life.As a PR & Media consultant person, growing in parallel with the Social media world was a challenge for me.
-8 years ago, God sent me a blessing that was my son Houssam. He’s the only person who turns my tears of sorrow into tears of pride & joy….

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