Thursday, June 23, 2011

Supplemental Workshop with @Ayman Itani @ Al Moltaka Al Nisai

The E-Mediat Advisor Ayman Itani started a series of workshops in the 3 centers about the necessity of social media tools for NGOs: Facebook, twitter & blogger.....Ayman provided very important tips related to NGOs usage of social Media that he couldn't cover all the pre scheduled Agenda.He went over every single detail that helps the NGOs in promoting their activities , news & programs.The participants were very interested to know that social media (mainly Facebook ) is not only a place to share pictures & personal issues, it can be a platform for networking, marketing, fund raising, sharing & a place where there's freedom of speech & expressions.Even the advanced participants learned a lot from this workshop & Ayman advised to sit with them in small groups & discuss their online presence & the challenges they're facing to guide them & provide support.

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