Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some of Participants’ Views on Workshop2 @ Moltaka Al Nisai

Hoda Al Kara - Dar Al AmalToday's training was really impressive & demonstrated how the E-Mediat program is covering all the issues related. Online safety & privacy training is very important for the NGos to know how to deal when using social media. As Ngos, we were encouraged today to use social media & to keep our image safe.

Nadine Abdel khalek – Loubnani AssociationI attended the Microsoft online safety & privacy training which was really important & fruitful. Now I realized the difference between virus & spam & how to deal with dominant viruses. In addition to that, we learned how to keep our social media tools mainly the NGO facebook page safe & to keep our image & corporate branding &we went through the ethical things as well; if we know how to use the technology & know how to use a content, it can give positive impact to our work.
we got introduced to the new web 3.0, we discover that we have to apply a lot of applications to get more online marketing through the social media tools in addition to QR code which links you to the online & offline world.

Riad Jabber - YMCA
It was a very useful & successful training. I enjoyed it a lot & benefited from the information of today's session. Thank you Akram & Nada

Hanaa Chayya – IPW AssociationOne of the best training that I've ever attended. It answered all the questions that i had about online safety & privacy.

Nahi Jawad - ICSM (Islah Charitable & Social Movement)I know a lot of the internet but today i learned a lot of new things related to privacy & safety for our personal use & for our NGOs. I'd like to thank Microsoft & E-MEDIAT for giving us the opportunity to be aware & to learn how to deal with security problems that we might safe online & how to keep the positive image of our NGOs.
It was an Impressive Sessions, We feel more popular with Web and we Act , Engage and Network.

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