Friday, October 28, 2011

Encourage Exchange @ AUB October 26 & 27

I attended a training session at the American University of Beirut on security exchanging through information technology; the workshop was sponsored by The Development Research Center –Virginia.

 The training was presented by Mr. Alan Patterson, Global Security Instructor; He covered a lot of topics: Security Risks Analysis, Cyber Security topics, Censorship & Circumvention. I really learned many useful things in this training, I learned about the importance of security in protecting our information by using strong passwords not less than 12 characters & preferable to be alphanumeric and about updating anti-viruses on a daily basis and also that we should not use pirated version of software to avoid being insecure.

Do you know that our emails are like a postcard & everyone can read it? To avoid this, check URL addresses of emails you received.

Today we are less secure than before due to our using of social media networks and because of this I will share with you some resources which I have got from this training as we always do in E-mediat: sharing information, but keep in mind nothing is secure 100%.

To be more secured on Internet:,,

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