Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workshop4 “Digital Photography & Video”

We finished the workshop 4 in 3 centers. It was one of the best interactive sessions. We added 2 modules to it: Photography & Movie making.
Photography session sponsored by Canon (A professional photographer gave the session & a canon camera was given for best photo in each center. History of photography, How to select a good camera, How to take a good photo, Common mistakes, Different shooting cases…..
Movie making By A volunteer director: Ihssan Azmeh gave the session & covered the following topics: Movies types, types of shots, before shooting, writing a script, storyboard, movie rules, equipment…..
The participants benefited a lot & applied what they have learned on the spot. They took photos & joined the trainer in doing the assessment of each photo to learn from others’ mistakes. They took videos shots with the FLIP,: interviews, activities, film with a storyboard conversations….& they commented on each others’ movies with the trainer who was showing them the good & the bad shots.
At the end they edited their movies with Flip & movie maker & started uploading them on their YouTube channels , their Facebook pages & E-Mediat page which made the participants from other centers excited for their workshops . We have received many requests from NGOs & individuals to attend the coming sessions in other centers. This interaction over the Facebook pages made the LBCI TV channel call us to host us in the nonprofit section of their famous program: Helwi Beirut on the 21st of October.
We also hosted a director & reporter from the news department of AL Jadeed TV to share his experience & give tips to participants on how to take the best shots from any activity or demonstration that best delivers the message in a short time & how to attract the audience to watch ur report & more…..

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  1. well this was the best training session we took. Thanks to E-Mediat Lebanon , to Nada Hamze and Mona mouselmani, and to all our friends from NGOs.
    Riad Jaber