Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emediat Networking Conference - Jordan

A successful networking encounter has four simple steps:

1. Be interested 2. Be generous 3. Be interesting 4. Connect and Follow up.
E-mediat has given us the opportunity to participate in such a successful networking encounter.
Since the conference and from what I can see from statuses, pictures, and comments, 

I am pleased to see these words of affirmation expressing the generous spirits you have towards each other and towards the people you have met.
At the beginning I was surprised, but more impressed, of how fast we interacted together, not only business-wise, but also on a personal level.

 I am thankful and grateful to see such interesting people who are eager to meet others, despite all factors.

 I want to thank Nada Samia Hamzeh and Mona Messlmany and E-mediat who were leading the personal side of networking and arousing the sense of responsibility towards each other.
I am glad I met you all. Wish you a prosperous life.
Nahi Aljawad, Riad Jaber, Fady Rose Khoury, Nadine Abdel Khalek, Rola Souheil, Dodie Thamine, Sarwat Sami Melhem, Wafa Youssef Naja, Reem Dernaika, Mona Messlmany, Nada Samia Hamzeh, Hoda Barakat, Therese Roumieh, Hisham Salem, Rola Ghemrawi, Randa Yassir, Lara Chahoud, Nahla Mounir, Faten Abou Chakra, Wafaa Abed, Marie Therese, Wassim Minkara, Mohamad Dib, Omar, Rayan Ghazal, Taha, Ayman Itani.

Hope i didn't forget anyone

Sylva Akl
Hayya Bina


  1. https://www.facebook.com/aotrollaotrll?ref=tn_tnmn
    The meeting was wonderful and beautiful and we spent a great time with you and the team to Lebanon and the generation of a very special We hope that we meet the other times and in different places and more time thank you
    osama harashe

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