Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emediat TOT Takes Off

After a fabulous dinner yesterday to welcome all our Emediat Partner Programs across the region, today we kicked off the Emediat Program Training, with some exercises and concepts that helped us get to know each other and get into the mindset of networks and helping NGOs visualize them.

Some of the things we were up to today were doing a network map of our interests to map similarities, spectrum exercises and network mapping exercises. This really helped us get into the networking mindset and get excited about the project to achieve social change.

We were accompanied by the constant challenge we have here in Lebanon - slow internet connection.

We're looking forward to the next days to come to get more amazing training and feedback from all of the Emediat team.


  1. Terrific post!! I can now have a greater understanding of the slow internet here!!

  2. I can't believe!!!! we learned too many interesting topics in the 1st day.wwwwaowwww!!! what do you think the case will be in a
    week?????don't worry about the electricity & internet connection, this is just the "Welcome to Lebanon"

  3. This is a new experience for me to type from right to left!