Monday, February 28, 2011

Lebanese Example of Free Agents

The last topic in our session today was about free agents like @uncultured, which made me think about the initiative that started here in Beirut in 2009 by @migheille - LebFundraising.

In LebFundraising online influences were mobilized around the idea of getting presents for children on Christmas; each by using their network of friends and connections for both doing fundraising events and getting direct donations.

And on the other end, we looked for NGOs, orphanages or poor families that needed help and coordinated on what type of gifts were needed, how many children they had... All of this was done in less than two months in an "unorganized" online manner with each person taking up the load they desire, and around 300 gifts were bought/donated.

Sadly we were not able to reciprocate the initiative the next year, because all of the group was very busy.

Another initiative is Rita Kamel's initiative to shave her head to raise awareness about cancer and her quest to get hair from ladies for wigs for children. Which brings us to another personal initiative for cancer awareness One Wig Stand, by Loryne Atwi.

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