Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Difference between Blog and Website

A website is a group of pages that are placed in a server meant to deliver or gather information. It is organized in such a manner that you can navigate from one page to another with the links that are provided. There are many types of websites that exist. There are websites for selling products, for providing after sales support, and there are even websites that operate just on information. A blog is a type of website that is maintained solely to provide information to people. It is just one subcategory of websites that can be built. A blog is an informal media for sharing news, information, views, and ideas about a niche topic. It doesn’t have to be as formal as a book, or even as a newspaper article. Sometimes, an eclectic collection of information on a given subject is the best way to go. Usually the posts in the blog is in reverse chronological order.

A blog can be built on a variety of topics available; there are blogs about current events, fashion, religion, and so much more. The proliferation of blogs is due in part to the simplicity in creating one. You wouldn’t need to have in depth skills in making your own webpage just as long as you can follow the basic format that some of the CMS for blogging offers. There are even preloaded themes that can take care of the majority of the tasks you need to do in setting up a blog. The only real job that bloggers need to take care of is the content that they input. It should be attention grabbing in order to entice a great number of readers. And the blogger should maintain the quality of his content so that the readers would keep coming back.

Building a website could be as easy or as difficult as you would want it to be. You could stick to static html pages that offer the barest of essentials or go all out with dynamic and interactive pages that employ multiple technologies like PHP, AJAX, Java, and many more. Having a website could be a lot more difficult since you don’t have the templates that are provided to you in blogs, you would need to build the necessary structure and links that would lead to your various pages. But building a website provides you with a great amount of flexibility than with blogs.
If you want to create something that would fit in a blog format and you don’t really want to delve into the inner workings of website building then blogging is the best option for you. It is hassle free and you could get started in as short as a day. But if you want to build a website that would require adding a lot of content, menus, and other navigation aids, then you would need to create your own website because that is beyond a blogs capabilities.

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