Monday, June 13, 2011

Participant comments on the first workshop

Shahrazad Shehab: Perfect training, we got introduced to things we neglected and seemed very important in social media. Thank you e-mediat and special special special thanks to Nada Hamzeh! and of course not to forget Mona Messlmany :). YOU GUYS ARE GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

Taha Baba: thank you all for ur time and for all the informations :D
may God bless u all :)

Chantal Al Akkary: It was a great workshop indeed, Thank you for all the effort :

Nahla Elmounir: i trust to you Nada Hamzeh to do something change... really

Mohammed Hourani: It was an excellent workshop which gave me a new concepts and ideas to start working on. Also i meet a lot of nice people from other NGOs and i like their passion to their work. Well done Nada and Mona

Wafa Youssef Naja: useful training, 10x E-Mediat (Lebanon), Nada and Mona

Nahi Aljawad: Mona , Nada ... Thanks for giving us opportunity to attend such Useful training you are a very good trainers .. cu

Riad Jaber: so nice training

Nahi Aljawad: SPECIAL training

Momitta Bayram: really it was funny and useful training

Sarwat Sami Melhem: very well workshop, it was nice day

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