Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Interview with Reem Dernaika (AZM & SAADA Foundation)

I was lucky to be selected in my association to participate in the series of the beneficial social media workshops from E-MEDIAT Program. As an NGO, we are interested in the social media & development of the internet & technology. What E-MEDIAT informed us is the strategy of using the social media which is a new skill that we couldn’t found elsewhere!!!.We learned how we can increase the nbr of our followers, how to communicate with them. Personally, I benefited a lot, I started communicating with people & experts working in the social media field. After applying the E-MEDIAT tools, our nbr of facebook fans increased from 10000 to 17000 persons which means 7000 persons in this short time & we’re hoping to get more fans & more followers on twitter. We started using social media tools to call for our event & recently, we organized a successful international festival for the 1st time in Tripoli. E-MEDIAT team helped us in using social media to let people participate .They watched the event on youtube & followed our tweets minutes by minutes on twitter & got latest updates from our facebook page;It was an interesting experience .We’r e thrilled to learn from the coming workshops & hoping to participate in the bootcamp & meet professionals & experts in this field & learn from them. In one word: our experience with E-MEDIAT is amazing!!!

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