Thursday, December 1, 2011

E-Mediat 5th Workshop

We’ve finished workshop5 in 3 centers. It was one of the most interactive sessions as we celebrated the last workshop in the curriculum.
Sessions were focusing on how to use mobile tools in order to support your social strategy.  
Participants were very interactive as they share their experience in using mobile tools in their NGOs.  Most of them use mobile messages to raise awareness, fundraising & to connect with their audience.   
Tripoli participants use mobile messages to invite or announce their audience as most of them don't have access to internet.
Participants benefited a lot from this workshop, they learned that they should know their audience before sending the message & to know how to create  a  less characters with a content containing direct message depending on the cause they are working on.
Exxon Telecom was sponsoring this workshop & they offered 50 free SMSs for every participant NGO.

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