Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nahla El Mounir’s story with Social Media

After my participation in the E-mediat training workshop, I went to Marseille and Malta for a training workshop under a project named “Women’s Media in the Euromed”, under the funding of the EU.

This training workshop consisted on the empowerment of women in the countries of the Mediterranean, to highlight on the change made by women, and to encourage the society to support this change.
After my experience in the e-mediat sessions about the importance of social media to advertize your idea or to encourage peoples to be involved in.
For that reason, I suggested to open a social group media for the 20 trainees ladies from: Lebanon (8), Italy (4), France (4), Malta (4), and we named it WME on facebook.
 This group was a helpful link among trainees, among trainees and trainers, and with the people.

This is the first step. We are now working on publicizing the Documentary that we have done after the Training in Malta, with our personal and national profiles through this group. Also I used the sessions in emediat for the planning of my personal and national profile.

We are also now working on the building of a network agency by the trainees to support the women in the countries of the Mediterranean. After the networking session through emediat.

Thank you E-mediat.

Nahla El Mounir - Safadi Foundation

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