Friday, December 9, 2011

How children use internet in a safe way

This conference was organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Higher Council for Childhood ) & World Vision, under the patronage & in presence of the Minister of Social Affairs.

Governmental Stakeholders & local & international NGOs participated in the conference; all  worked together to come up with some recommendations aiming to keep children safe while using internet, through Awareness, TOT for school teachers & organizing the work of Internet cafes in Lebanon.

Some of our participant NGOs were also present in this conference (YMCA, Azm Wal Saadeh, Dar Al Amal & Women in IT). 

In addition to that, we knew that Lebanon registered in the Safer Internet Day on 7 February for the first time this year; this day will be focusing on connecting generations & education to each other where we encourage young & old users to discover the digital world together in a safe way.

By the end of the conference, everyone should have agreed to recognize that our children are now digital children and we must make them aware of their right in using the Internet and not scaring them.

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